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About Jenni

Jenni is a graphic designer, illustrator, and maker of beautiful and strange things. They are a Chicago* native now based on the East Coast. When not kerning type, they can usually be found at the ice rink. They have an MFA in Graphic Design from Rhode Island School of Design and a BFA in Drama-Design from Carnegie Mellon University.

They have worked as a freelance graphics designer and props artisan for numerous clients and theater companies in both New York and Pittsburgh. Their work can be seen in various fields, including: Publishing, Film, TV, Theatre, Advertising, and Commercial Displays.

They are an avid bookworm and storyteller with a strong desire to share their passion with others. Delighting in the whimsical and playful aspects of their surroundings, they seek to bring a spark of artistic ingenuity and quirkiness to all aspects of life.

*Actually from a small town way, WAY, outside Chicago, but you’ve probably never heard of it…
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