Book: 8.5”x10.5”
Handbound edition of 3
You Ought To Add More Salt

You Ought To Add More Salt is a non-linear cookbook chronicling the recipes and stories of each of my three grandmothers. Beginning with a recipe from the pastry case at the Japanese grocery store, the cookbook then jumps from savory recipe to sweet, following the narrative running in the left hand column rather than any standard cookbook organizations. Sometimes one recipe leads into the next because they share similar ingredients, other times the recipes that follow one another are all comfort foods.  While the book includes ways to navigate to specific recipes, like a table of content and an index, the intent is for one to sit and read the cookbook from cover to cover. To select recipes based on not the ingredients but the stories that precede them. You Ought To Add More Salt is meant to feel a bit like organized chaos, because it is a collection of all the recipes that shaped me as a child, and there is nothing that defies categorization more than a human life.

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Last updated 04/2023