Installation Apx. 4’x4’
Thread, Paper, Digitally printed fabric. Digital and hand embroidery.
The Space of Memory

The Space of Memory was an exploration of the space between memory and reality. It mixes embroidered photos, beading, glitched tapestries, and melted embroideries created on water soluble materials. While on the surface, it asks people to recall the fragments of things they can no longer firmly  remember, it also explores the relationship between transness and memory. What is our relationship to memories when others see and remember us so differently from how we understand ourselves? And what is the value of consciously rewriting a memory? Memories slip and our subconscious changes them, making them into stories with their own lives. So what is to stop us from invading the space of memory to remember a version of you that feels more honest? Here memory is presented as a series of branching and twisting threads whose destinations are lost amongst the depths of our minds.

Install photos courtesy of Berett Wilber and Gabriel Drozdov

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Last updated 04/2024